M’sian Woman Stunned By RM78 Crab Fried Rice’s Small Portion In Penang

Oh crab, no.
Whenever one eats at a restaurant, what’s usually expected is that the price is in tandem with the portion and amount of ingredients in it.

A woman was left sorely disappointed after she was led to believe that she was going to have the best crab fried rice of her life, which later turned out to be a huge letdown.

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Was hyped over RM78 crab fried rice

Taking to Xiaohongshu (XHS) to share the incident, the woman wrote that she went to a Thai restaurant located in Penang for a meal along with her boyfriend.

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Thai food stock pic
For illustration purposes only. Photo via Canva

Being a huge fan of crab, the woman was very excited and looked forward to tucking into a meal of freshly peeled crab meat.

She then settled for the crab fried rice, where the original price was RM18. But after seeing reviews on XHS which said that the portion was rather small, she opted for an upgrade to the Crab Komtar, which cost RM78.

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Crab fried rice price list in penang
Photo via XHS

“I wanted to order more dishes but the waiter told me that the Crab Komtar’s portion was very huge and could feed 2-3 people, leading me to only order that only.

While I waited and dreamt of the crab fried rice along with crab roe being generously poured on top of it, the dish was finally served to us and my first reaction was: ‘Is this all there is? OMG.’

This was how the final product was:

Portion of rm78 crab fried rice
Photo via XHS

Not only was the crab fried rice’s appearance miles off the woman’s expectation, but the portion wasn’t up to par with the RM78 price tag and only had bits of crab meat in it.

Needless to say, this left a bitter taste in the woman’s mouth, who called it a “disappointing dinner”.

“RM78 (crab fried rice) is only the double of RM18 along with slightly more crab meat. Where’s my Crab Komtar? Where’s the experience of eating crab meat with every mouthful?” she lamented.

The woman later posted a photo of the Crab Komtar in the comment thread, adding that she was what she had in mind when she opted for the upgrade.

Crab komtar poster
Photo via XHS

‘Not worth it!’

In the comment section, netizens were flabbergasted by the price and portion of the crab fried rice and left their thoughts about it.

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One wrote: ‘You might as well order two portions of the RM18 fried rice.’

M'sian woman stunned by rm78 crab fried rice's small portion in penang comment 1
Screenshot via XHS

Another joked: ‘They (the restaurant) could have just robbed you upfront but instead chose to prepare a plate of fried rice just to humour you.’

M'sian woman stunned by rm78 crab fried rice's small portion in penang comment 2
Screenshot via XHS

Another netizen shared a photo of his meal in Thailand, where he only paid RM36 for four freshly peeled crabs.

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M'sian woman stunned by rm78 crab fried rice's small portion in penang comment 3
Screenshot via XHS

What other instances of disappointing meals have you encountered? Share with us in the comments!


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