‘RM10 For This?’ – M’sian Shocked By Price For Just Plain Rice With Egg

The fried egg alone is RM6.
In a post that captured the attention of many on social media, a Malaysian woman shared that she paid nearly RM10 for a basic meal of a fried egg and a bowl of rice.

According to China Press, the receipt, dated May 3rd, showed a total cost of RM9.55, including a service tax of RM0.54.

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White rice and fried egg
Image via China Press

RM6 for fried egg

According to the receipt details, the fried egg was priced at RM6 and the rice at RM3, bringing the total to nearly RM10.

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The woman did not specify the restaurant’s name or location but humorously commented on her post, “I can only blame myself for not asking the price when ordering.”

The seemingly excessive price for such a basic meal led her to jest that what she ordered must have been a “turtle” egg, not a regular chicken egg, poking fun at the surprising cost.

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Netizens’ reaction

This post has ignited widespread criticism among social media users, with many expressing outrage over the steep price for such a simple meal and highlighting the need to be vigilant about checking prices before ordering.

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