“Like A Hamster Cage” — M’sians Outraged By Small RM700 Room In Shah Alam

Even carparks are bigger.
Finding an affordable room to rent is never easy, especially when it’s one located in big cities like KL and Cyberjaya where the prices are sky high.

A Malaysian recently took to Twitter to express her frustration and shock over how it difficult it was to rent a room at a reasonable price in Shah Alam.

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RM700 for tiny room in Shah Alam

In the tweet by @fkadeya, she wrote that she had never been so triggered while scouring for a room to rent.

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She then shares a photo of a room located in Shah Alam, where the rent was RM700 a month.

Photo via Twitter/@fkadeya

Based on the photo, the room had a limited amount of space and came with a single-sized bed, study desk, chair, air-cond, and a tiny cupboard.

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Unsurprisingly, @fkadeya was shocked by the price and bemoaned over how it was impossible to stay in the room.

It’s like I’m voluntarily putting myself in f***ing hamster cage. What the f*** is this?

Read the tweet here:

Netizens share similar stories

It didn’t take long for @fkadeya’s tweet to go viral, where it garnered over 1,600 likes and 1,800 retweets at the time of writing.

Most of the comments were one of horror and outrage, where they were dumbfounded by the room’s size and rental fee.

Screenshot via Twitter/@fkadeya
Screenshot via Twitter/@fkadeya

One shared photos of capsule rooms in Cyberjaya that were being rented out for RM290 a month.

In the photos, each room had a metal door and a ladder for one to climb into their bedroom. As for the interior, it came with a single-size bed, pillow, and an air-cond, where it was described as “fully furnished”.

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Rm290 capsule rooms in cyberjaya
Photos via Twitter/@gozghoz

This also triggered a wave of disbelief from netizens, who likened it to a morgue.

Screenshot via Twitter/@gozghoz
Screenshot via Twitter/@gozghoz
Last year, a room in Maluri was rented out for RM300 a month, where it was labelled a “coffin” due to its small size:

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