“Absolutely Worth It” — M’sian Man Buys RM50 Rojak To Help Elderly Vendor In Johor

No regrets.

Touched by an elderly vendor’s willingness to send his rojak order despite his physical disability, a man in Skudai, Johor decided to pay him RM50 as a token of appreciation and to help boost his business.

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Ordered rojak from elderly vendor

In a heartwarming Facebook post by Chiew Wei, he wrote that he went to buy some rojak from the vendor, parked his car beside the stall, and told him to send it to him when it was ready.

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Chiew added that he made the request due to the scorching weather, and the vendor said that he would be able to do so.

Ridden with guilt

However, when the vendor came with the order, Chiew was shocked to discover that the older man had to use a cane to walk, leaving him feeling rather guilty.

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I immediately rolled down the car window and apologised for troubling him, saying, ‘Uncle, I’m sorry, I really didn’t notice that you have limited mobility. If I did, I would just stand there and wait for you to take it by myself.

However, the elderly vendor dismissed his concerns and told him that it was alright.

Pay RM50 for rojak

When it was time to pay, Chiew wrote that he only had large banknotes and the vendor did not have any small change at the time.

Although the vendor said that he could go back and get the change, but Chiew insisted on doing it himself.

To his surprise, the vendor stopped him as he was about to cross the street and told him that he could pay next time.

Touched by his gesture, Chiew gave him RM50 and told him to keep the change, to which the vendor kept saying, “You give too much” with a wide grin on his face.

‘Reminds me of my father-in-law’

While Chiew described the rojak as the “most expensive rojak ever”, he said that he had no regrets paying for it.

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He also added that he hopes his sharing would encourage those who enjoy eating rojak to visit the vendor and support his business.

“The uncle showed me that everyone is working hard to earn a decent living, and improve their lives. He also made me feel the kindness between strangers and people. He is very loving and warm! Seeing him is like seeing my father-in-law.”

He also included the address of the rojak stall in the post as well, where it’s located near a dim sum restaurant in Taman Nusa Bestari in Skudai, Johor.

Read the full post here:

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