‘RM300 Nasi Kandar’ – S’porean Sets Record By Eating Biggest Plate At Famous Penang Shop

He ate the huge plate of Nasi Kandar all by himself.
A new record has been set at Nasi Kandar Sulaiman (NKS) in Penang.

Singaporean TikTok influencer Zermatt Neo has made headlines by devouring a RM300 plate of Nasi Kandar, the biggest ever recorded in the restaurant’s history.

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Zermatt, known for his viral food challenge videos, outdid himself with this colossal feast.

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The plate, heaped with enough food to feed six people, featured a mountain of rice, giant prawns, succulent chicken, assorted vegetables, and a variety of rich curries.

Photos and videos flooding social media show Zermatt in action, piling the rice and dishes onto a massive tray and then proceeding to eat every bite.

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His impressive eating skills and the sheer size of the meal have left viewers in awe.

What’s even more remarkable is that Zermatt wasn’t invited by NKS. He took it upon himself to set this extraordinary record.


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