Restaurant In Japan Forced To Throw 25 Nasi Lemak Sets After Getting ‘FFK’ By M’sian Travel Agent

What a waste.
For every restauranteur, the biggest nightmare is spending lots of money in preparing meals for a group of customers, only to have it cancelled and thrown out in the end.

This was exactly what happened to a restaurant in Shibuya, Japan after it was ghosted by a Malaysian travel agent, resulting in a large wastage of food specially prepared for the tourists.

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Restaurant in Japan forced to throw 25 nasi lemak sets

Taking to Facebook to share the distressing incident, an employee named Sou Tanaka wrote that the Malaysian travel agent contacted the restaurant, Malay Asian Cuisine, on May 4 and ordered lunch for 25 people.

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Malay asian cuisine in shibuya, japan
Photo via FB/Sou Tanaka

After sending the set menu and coming to an agreement on the food and price with the travel agent, the restaurant went ahead as planned and prepared the food.

When it came close to the reserved time of 1.30pm, Tanaka messaged the travel agent via WhatsApp but didn’t get a reply.

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He then tried to call the travel agent via WhatsApp but the person didn’t pick up. Tanaka even made a normal phone call despite knowing it would be expensive as the travel agent used a Malaysian number. But like before, all he heard was silence.

25 nasi lemak sets wasted
Photo via FB/Sou Tanaka

As a result of the travel agent’s irresponsibility, the restaurant was forced to throw away 25 sets of nasi lemak, a move which pained Tanaka deeply.

I’ve met customers who cancelled at the last minute but still had the decency to call beforehand and apologise. But this Malaysian travel agent did none of that.

“This is the first time I’ve encountered someone this irresponsible. 25 sets of nasi lemak…this is sad,” he wrote.

Towards the end of the post, Tanaka name-dropped the company and name of the travel agent in hopes that other eateries won’t go through the same misfortune as the restaurant did.

M'sian travel agent goes mia on restaurant in japan
Photo via FB/Sou Tanaka

Such an irresponsible move! We hope the travel agent is severely punished for putting the restaurant through this ordeal and wasting so much resources!


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