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Rafizi: Government Has No Plan To Extend March 31 PADU Registration Deadline

“We need to follow the timeline to implement targeted subsidies."
During a special meeting about the PADU registration, Economic Minister Rafizi Ramli mentioned that the government isn’t planning to push back the PADU sign-up deadline from March 31.

Rafizi responded to someone’s question about possibly moving the deadline after March 31 by saying that if they keep delaying the date, it will just lead to more delays.

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This would mean the government would end up spending an extra RM2 billion every month, which they want to avoid.

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Rafizi: government has no plan to extend march 31 padu registration deadline | weirdkaya
Photo by WeirdKaya

He also talked about his worry that not enough people are signing up, especially in Selangor.

Rafizi shared that 1,224 areas in Selangor haven’t registered for PADU yet, according to NST.

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He mentioned that Petaling Jaya has the most people who haven’t signed up, followed by other areas like Hulu Langat, Sepang, Gombak, and Klang, showing it’s important to get more people to register soon.


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