“Absolutely Horrified” — Woman Left Disgusted After Finding Poop Stains On Bedsheet & Towel At Upscale Hotel

What the s**t.
Hotel stays and reviews are meant to be an enjoyable experience as it allows you to fully embrace its luxuries and amenities. Unfortunately, it was the total opposite for one reviewer in Singapore.

This was because she found what seemed to be poop stains on the bedsheet and towel at the hotel room she was staying at.Yuck!

Screenshot via TikTok/@omglilitv

Found poop stains on bedsheet and towel

In the 2-minute long clip by Lili on TikTok, it started off with her singing praises for the room’s spaciousness and the hotel’s delicious food.

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She was also seen giving a thumbs-up for the bed, where she threw herself onto the mattress with a look on contentment on her face.

Screenshot via TikTok/@omglilitv

A few seconds later, the clip showed a fairly distraught Lili telling viewers a horrible discovery she had stumbled upon.

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I’m absolutely horrified because I’ve just found….poop on the bedsheet.

She then zooms in her phone closer to the bedsheet and flips a pillow over, where a visibly smeared poop stain can be seen smack right on it.

Poop stains on bedsheet
Screenshot via TikTok/@omglilitv

Not only that, Lili also said that she had also found was could potentially be poop stains on the towel as well.

Poop stains on towel
Screenshot via TikTok/@omglilitv

Needless to say, the disgusting discovery left Lili in shock and disbelief, which was made worse by the fact that she had gone under the bedsheet for hours as it was cold.

“I decided, well it’s a bit cold so I’m gonna go under the bedsheet…and I smelled poop! And there was poop on the bedsheet!

“I just took a shower because I felt so dirty but what the f*** I’m leaving immediately,” she said.

Watch the clip here: (Viewer discretion is advised)

@omglilitv the sh!ttiest thing to ever happen to me💀💀 #fyp #hotel #singapore ♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Declined hotel’s offer of free accommodation

Towards the end of the clip, Lili mentioned that she contacted the manager and the hotel offered a free night’s stay and refund.

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However, that wasn’t enough to stop her from boycotting the hotel for good.

Screenshot via TikTok/@omglilitv

She also declined to name the hotel publicly for fear that she would be slapped with a lawsuit for defamation.

‘Disgusting sheet’

The clip has since been played more than 67,000 times and drew plenty of comments from netizens who were disgusted by it.

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One wrote: “I was almost expecting bedbugs but this….”

Screenshot via TikTok/@omglilitv

Another simply wrote: “Omg. Disgusting sheet.”

Screenshot via TikTok/@omglilitv

Others were skeptical of Lili’s claim that it was poop stains and suggested that it could have been chocolate instead. However, Lili responded by saying that her nose wasn’t playing tricks on her.

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Screenshot via TikTok/@omglilitv

Congratulations on making to the end of this article without throwing up!


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