Planning to Immigrate in the Future? Explore the Top 10 Dream Destinations and Pathways

These countries are known for their high living standards, excellent healthcare, strong education systems, and economic stability.
Many Malaysians aspire to immigrate to other countries in search of better job opportunities, education, and a higher quality of life. 

According to the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), there are more than 232 million international migrants worldwide. Their primary goal is to live a better life with their families, enjoy good healthcare, expand their businesses, and live in a stable environment.

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Top 10 Countries to Immigrate To

According to recent trends, the top 10 countries people dream of moving to are:

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  1. Canada
  2. Australia
  3. New Zealand
  4. Singapore
  5. Germany
  6. United Kingdom
  7. United States of America
  8. Norway
  9. Argentina
  10. United Arab Emirates

These countries are renowned for their high standards of living, excellent healthcare systems, strong educational institutions, and economic stability. For many, the journey to these destinations begins with a solid educational foundation.

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Education as a Pathway to Immigration

Education is often the first step towards achieving your immigration dreams. Academic qualifications are crucial as they not only open doors to higher education institutions but also enhance your prospects for obtaining visas and permanent residency. Pre-university programmes can be an excellent foundation for those aiming to study and eventually live abroad.  

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Sunway college
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Sunway College: Your Gateway to Global Education

This is where Sunway College comes into focus as the starting point for you to check into the world. It prepares you for successful academic and professional futures, with its comprehensive range of pre-university programmes.

Exploring Programmes for Your Destination Country

If your goal is to study in Australia, Sunway College offers two prestigious pre-university programmes: the Australian Matriculation Programme (AUSMAT) and the Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY). The AUSMAT programme at Sunway College stands out as the best-performing AUSMAT programme in Malaysia, having garnered 137 world awards to date. With over 35 years of excellence, it provides students with a fast-tracked and globally recognised qualification and prepares them for university studies worldwide. Additionally, Sunway College is the only provider of MUFY in Malaysia, offering a direct pathway to Monash University, one of Australia’s leading institutions.

For those aspiring to study in the United Kingdom, Sunway College’s Cambridge GCE A-Level Programme is the top choice. With a stellar performance record boasting a 100% pass rate, it has also achieved the highest number of students receiving the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards (OCLA) for eight consecutive years. In the OCLA 2024, students secured 28 accolades, bringing the total to an impressive 503 awards as of May 2024. This marks Sunway College as the best-performing A-Level college in Malaysia. 

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If Canada is your destination of choice, Sunway College’s Canadian International Matriculation Programme (CIMP) is the perfect option. Sunway College is the only CIMP college in Malaysia accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education. It delivers a curriculum designed by Ontario-trained faculty, emphasising independent research and learning skills. Graduates of CIMP receive the prestigious Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), opening doors to a world of opportunities in Canada and beyond. 

For those eyeing the United States, Sunway University’s American Degree Transfer Programme (ADTP) in collaboration with Arizona State University (ASU), officially recognised as the most innovative university in the U.S., offers a seamless pathway to prestigious U.S. universities. With access to ASU Master Classes and a Certificate of Innovation, students can complete two years at Sunway before transferring to top U.S. universities.

In addition, Sunway College offers a range of other pathway programmes, including the Victoria University (VU) Bachelor of Business and a Pathway to Germany programme, providing students with flexible options to pursue their dreams of studying abroad. The VU Bachelor of Business programme allows seamless progression from pre-university studies at Sunway College into an undergraduate degree at VU, offering an affordable Australian Business Degree with the added benefit of flexible transfer options to Australia or New Zealand. Meanwhile, the Pathway to Germany programme offers a direct route to higher education in Europe’s leading economy, with students studying at Sunway for six months before advancing to Germany, facilitating a smooth transition to a world of possibilities.

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In embracing your future, Sunway College offers both education and a gateway to global success. With a commitment to excellence, diverse programmes, and unparalleled opportunities for advancement, Sunway College is your pathway to a brighter future. 

Begin your journey with Sunway College today and unlock a world of opportunities. With intake in progress, now is the perfect time to apply. Apply online at  admissions.sunway.edu.my or visit their campus to speak with their counsellors, who are always ready to help you choose the perfect study pathway for your future.

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