Planning A Large Gathering? This 4Fingers’ Party Platter Has Got You Covered!

Ready to party with flavours?

It’s the festive season and it’s all about good times and great food with the people we love. As we all know, what’s the best part of it all? The FOOD!

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Say goodbye to the stress of multiple orders. 4Fingers has all the yummy stuff you need in one spot, making your celebrations easy and enjoyable!

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Why Is 4Fingers the Ultimate Choice for Your Party?

First up, they’re all about “Peng Leng Zeng” — meaning to say that it’s top-notch value for your money. You can wow your guests with delicious food and still keep your wallet happy without breaking it. This Party Platter is perfect for big get-togethers. 

Why? Well, for starters, when you’ve got 10 guests or more, opting for their Party Platter is cheaper than buying individual combos. It’s a real money-saver! 

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And here’s the cherry on top – they’ve got something to please every palate. With their wide range of options, everyone’s taste buds are in for a treat.

But hold on, there’s more! You can have all these delights starting from only RM15.60 per person. Doesn’t that sound like an irresistible deal?

4fingers drumsticks

A Little Something for Everyone

4Fingers’ Party Platter has it all – crispy chicken, hearty rice boxes, dreamy burgers, and a seafood spread that’ll make your mouth water. They have mixed it up to make sure there’s something tasty for every taste bud at the party.

Party Bundles

4fingers party platter

Get your party started with two great bundle choices: a pack for 20 people at RM320 or a pack for 50 people at RM780. Both come with tasty treats like wingettes & drumettes, boneless chicken bites, and fries.

For the 20 pax Party Bundle, it comes with 60 pcs Wingettes & Drumettes, 60 pcs Boneless Chicken Bites and 10 Large Fries! Meanwhile, the 50 Pax Party Bundle will come with 150 pcs Wingettes & Drumettes, 150 pcs Boneless Chicken Bites and 25 Large Fries. Isn’t that best to serve a big bunch of people? 

Crispy Chicken Feast

4fingers wingettes
Photo via FB/Oh! Media 

Craving for some seriously tasty chicken? The crispy chicken feast menu is your perfect pick. Whether it’s wingettes and drumettes you fancy or boneless chicken bites that catch your eye, 4Fingers has got you covered. It comes with the option of 30 to 100 pieces and is priced between RM86 and RM190.

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Rice Box Party

4fingers rice box
Photo via FB/Oh! Media 

Looking for a rice feast? Look no further! There’s a special deal for 10 people at just RM189.00. And you’ve got 4 tasty choices to pick from – drumsticks, boneless chicken bites, wings, and yes, even tofu.

Burger Bonanza

4fingers burger

This is for everyone who loves burgers! Treat your friends to some awesome burgers with three choices: Chicc Crisp, Spicy Chicc Crunch, and the newly unveiled BFF burger. This deal is perfect for a gathering of 10, all for just RM150.

Seafood Platter

Box of 4fingers calamari
Image via Goody25

Add a splash of seafood to your celebration with the seafood platter. It provides 10 servings of delicious calamari and shrimp for just RM190. Talk about an ideal treat!

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Sides That Steal the Show

4fingers kimchi mushrooms
Image via Goody25

When it comes to side dishes, 4Fingers doesn’t hold back. They offer three delicious options to complement your meal. First up is their large fries, which are available in three tempting flavours: plain, seaweed, or kimchi, all 10x Large Fries for just RM55.

Then there’s the cozy and comforting Japanese rice that comes in two choices: plain or teriyaki, priced at just RM30 for 10 pax servings

And for the grand finale, the fried kimchi mushrooms are a must-try for kimchi or spice lovers, where 10x Fried Kimchi Mushrooms are priced at RM65. Each of these tasty sides is enough for 10 people, making it perfect for sharing.

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Every bite of 4Fingers’ Korean wingettes, drumettes, or boneless chicken bites comes drenched in one of their iconic sauces: Soy Garlic or Hot Sauce, and is lovingly hand-brushed with these signature flavors.

4fingers party platters
Photo via FB/Oh! Media 

And here’s the best part: 4Fingers prepare everything fresh to order, which means you get a meal that’s not only crackling crispy but also bursting with taste and absolutely irresistible!

So, why wait any further? Boost your next party with 4Fingers’ Party Platter and create moments that everyone will remember forever.

4fingers party platter menu

Enjoy up to 38% OFF with 4Fingers catering menu for celebrations & gatherings! You can walk-in to any 4Fingers stores near you to place advance orders or submit inquiries at 4Fingers’ website. Follow 4Fingers’ Facebook & Instagram to check out all the delicious, budget-friendly deals!

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