Pernod Ricard Launches ‘Drink More Water’ Campaign In Malaysia

This is part of its commitment to promoting responsible drinking across Asia.

Pernod Ricard is expanding its digital campaign ‘Drink More Water’ in Malaysia, raising awareness of the importance of drinking water and pacing oneself when consuming alcohol. 

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‘Drink More Water’ was launched in 2021 in Europe, Africa and Latin America and has since successfully reached more than 110 million people in 3 continents.

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Pernod ricard launches ‘drink more water’ campaign in malaysia | weirdkaya

On June 5, 2023, the campaign will be expanded to 14 markets in Asia including Malaysia, with a new set of assets adapted for the region. The goal is to reach more than 87 million people across Asia.

As the world’s leading premium spirits company and ‘Créateurs de convivialité’, Pernod Ricard strongly believes that there can be no convivial moments with excess.

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Throughout the years, the company has been active in playing a role in the prevention and reduction of harmful use of alcohol, through collaborative efforts with industry members, civil society, governments, and local authorities, as well as global institutions and consumers at large.

The ‘Drink More Water’ campaign forms part of this long-standing commitment, tackling one area of harmful drinking – binge drinking and promoting responsible drinking with those who choose to drink.

Drinking water when consuming alcohol helps to keep the body hydrated and helps protect the brain, which is why it is strongly recommended to pace oneself with a glass of water.

By depicting consumers cheering with water during 3 of the most typical social occasions in Asia – gathering at a casual bar, business dinner and nightclub – ‘Drink More Water’ emphasizes the importance to make the right choices for a truly fun night to remember.

The campaign will be amplified through digital means, targeting an audience above Legal Drinking Age (21 years old and above), and will be accompanied by on-the-ground activations through a partnership approach.  In Malaysia, the goal is to reach at least 5.7 million consumers.

Benny Tsang, Managing Director of Pernod Ricard Malaysia said: “‘Drink More Water’ is a concrete example that demonstrates our lasting commitment as Pernod Ricard to ensuring that our brands are enjoyed responsibly.

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Building on the campaign’s success to date, we believe this marks the right time to launch this important campaign in Malaysia. Our mission of creating Conviviality requires us to help adult consumers make responsible choices about whether, when, how and how much to drink.”

To learn more about the Drink More Water campaign, please visit drinkmorewater.asia and search #drinkmorewater on Facebook and Instagram.

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