“Read Like A Banana” — Perak Deputy Speaker Struggles To Read Malay Script, Gets Slammed By Netizens

Almost sounded like Waze talking.

Malaysians are known to be a special breed as we have the ability to speak multiple languages thanks to our multiracial and multicultural background.

However, there are some who struggle in speaking certain languages due to a lack of practice or exposure, like in the case of newly-elected Perak deputy speaker Jenny Choy.

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Perak deputy speaker jenny choy
Photo via FB/Jenny Choy

Struggled to read in Malay

In a TikTok video uploaded by @stratcommperak yesterday, it showed Choy being sworn in as deputy speaker of the Perak state assembly.

Perak deputy speaker jenny choy reading in malay
Screenshot via TikTok/@stratcommperak

In the midst of doing so however, it was apparent that she was having trouble reading the script out loud in Malay, where she pronounced certain words like how a foreigner would.

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Choy was also heard making a pause when reading the word “bertanggungjawab” (responsible in Malay) and fumbled her way through the script.

Watch the video here:

@stratcommperak 🗓️19 DISEMBER 2022 Alhamdulillah hari pertama Mesyuarat Pertama & Kedua Tahun Pertama Dewan Negeri Yang Ke-15 berjalan lancar. #StratCommPerak #KerajaanPerpaduan #PerakSejahtera2030 #KerajaanPerak ♬ 原聲 – ABCandE

‘Is she really from Malaysia?’

The same clip later found its way to the Malaysian subreddit, where it came with the caption: “Perak deputy speaker reads Malay like a banana”.

Needless to say, netizens weren’t fans of Choy’s command of the Malay language and slammed her lack of proficiency.

Screenshot via r/Malaysia
Screenshot via r/Malaysia

One opined that Choy’s poor command of the Malay language was especially damaging given her position as deputy speaker.

Screenshot via r/Malaysia

On the other hand, some came to Choy’s defense, arguing that there were more important things to worry over than one’s accent or pronunciation.

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Screenshot via r/Malaysia

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