Penang Woman Killed After BMW Driven At High-Speed Rams Into Her From Behind

The driver has yet to apologise.

The content below contains sexual harassment experiences that may be harmful or traumatizing for some.

A Chinese woman from Penang was killed in an accident when a BMW sedan from behind collided with the motorcycle she was riding on the way home via the Loh Poh Heng Road.

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After the accident, several men brutally assaulted the suspected driver in front of the traffic police.

The incident took place on the morning of May 8 around 10 am. The victim is Tan Yoong Cheng, who used to sell soymilk in the vicinity of Macallum Street.

Her husband and his family are also operating a soymilk business, and the couple has three sons and one daughter.

CCTV footage shows BMW running over 

According to the video footage captured by the surveillance camera, Tan was riding her motorcycle alone on her way back home when a white BMW suddenly struck her from behind.

The impact was so strong that she was thrown off the motorcycle and died on the spot due to severe injuries.

After the incident, the traffic police arrived at the scene to investigate, and the deceased’s family rushed to the scene upon receiving the notification to understand the situation.

Watch the footage here. (TW: The video might be traumatising to some.)

Video via Reddit

Driver “punished” brutally on the spot

Another clip captured by the bystanders shows a crowd gathering at the scene after the accident, including family members of the deceased, tow truck workers, and two traffic police officers.

Two to three men were seen brutally assaulting the driver responsible, and the traffic police officers and tow truck workers intervened to stop them.

Video via internet

Police investigating 

Soffian Santong, the District Police Chief of Timur Laut Penang, stated that the police would investigate this fatal car accident based on videos and testimonies provided by the public and eyewitnesses.

He mentioned that there are videos showing the deceased riding a motorcycle and taking a small road via the Loh Poh Heng Road when she tragically collided with the BMW sedan.

Soffian further emphasised that many people have inquired about the accident, but due to the ongoing investigation by the police, details can only be disclosed once they are ready.

Last Journey 

The deceased was laid to rest this morning as her family and friends bid her farewell on her final journey.

The deceased’s residence was approximately 500 meters away from the accident site. After five days of mourning at home, her body was cremated at the Batu Gantong Crematorium at 11 am this morning.

Penang woman killed after bmw driven at high-speed rams into her from behind | weirdkaya
Photo via Guang Ming Daily

At the funeral, the deceased’s husband, struggling with grief, offered incense and paid tribute to his beloved wife, but he declined to be interviewed.

According to Guang Ming Daily, a close friend of the deceased said the family is currently waiting for the police investigation report and will follow up with the police after the funeral to understand the situation.

Regarding the altercation that occurred after the car accident, the friend stated that both parties had already filed police reports.

Eyewitness suspects driver speeding 

Eyewitness accounts shed light on the horrifying moments leading up to the collision. One female witness, a security guard, recalled that she heard a jarring engine noise followed by a loud crash.

She immediately looked up and witnessed the white BMW sedan colliding with Tan’s motorcycle. The driver, a young man in his twenties, emerged from the vehicle in a state of panic, pleading for assistance from bystanders with the words “tolong, tolong.”

The witness expressed suspicion that the driver was speeding at the time of the accident.

Penang woman killed after bmw driven at high-speed rams into her from behind | weirdkaya
Photo via Guang Ming Daily

Driver: Talk in Court

The friend of the deceased said that before the incident, Tan had gone to the market to buy groceries and was on her way back home when the accident occurred, resulting in her tragic death.

He stated that the driver responsible showed a hostile attitude after the incident. The driver immediately took away his car’s black box and said that anything should only be discussed in court, let alone an apology.

“Afterwards, the father and friends of the driver responsible also arrived at the scene and were very impolite.”

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