Lorry & Car Collide At Penang’s Second Bridge, Sends Half Of The Cargo Strewn Across The Road

Accident brings traffic to a standstill.

A severe accident disrupted the morning tranquillity of Penang’s Second Bridge, the Sultan Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah Bridge, causing a significant traffic snarl-up on Friday (May 12).

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The mishap involved a hefty trailer and a car, resulting in a scene of chaos on the crucial island-bound artery.

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The collision was severe enough to cause the tractor unit to detach from its cargo load, effectively blocking one of the double-lane bridge’s thoroughfares.

The extent of the impact was such that the tractor unit went over the barricade, encroaching upon the area separating the car and motorcycle lanes.

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Viral video footage of the incident circulating online provides a stark depiction of the aftermath. The car involved in the accident displays substantial damage, with its rear and right front bearing the brunt of the collision.

As of the time of writing, official statements from the police and the Fire and Rescue Department regarding the incident are still pending. Further details, such as the condition of the drivers and potential passengers involved, as well as the exact cause of the accident, are yet to be disclosed.

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