“I’ll Make You Go Out Of Business!” — Penang Uncle Goes Amok And Hurls Red Paint At Motorbike Shop In Broad Daylight

If you’ve ever read the news, you’d probably know by now that if someone comes at you with red paint, chances are you’ve offended someone really bad.

This was what happened to an owner of a motorbike repair shop in Penang, where his shop was vandalised by a man who came armed with several bags of red paint.

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Penang uncle goes amok and hurls red paint

In a video which has been circulating wildly online, it showed an uncle dressed in a green collared top yelling obscenities at the owner of a motorbike shop located along Jalan CY Choy in Penang.

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As the man continued to scream vulgarities at the owner, he is seen taking out a bag of red paint and hurls it towards the wall, leaving a red splotch on it.

He also took two more bags and threw it towards the floor and the owner as well.

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As the man and his friend turn to leave the shop, he tells the owner threateningly that he “will make him go out of business”.

Towards the end of the video, it also showed that an office room was also splattered with red paint as well.

Argument believed to be over business dispute

According to China Press, the altercation is believed to stem from a business-related dispute between the man and the shop owner.

It also reported that the man who vandalised the shop with red paint was later arrested by police.

Watch the video here:

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