Penang MP Helps Elderly Couple Find A New Home After They Were Kicked Out By Landlord

Happy ending.
Having a place to stay is a comfort that most usually take for granted as we often believe that we will always have a roof over our heads forever. However, there may come a day when that roof is taken away all of a sudden.

An elderly couple in Penang recently had their rented home of over 70 years taken away from them but were given much needed aid by Bukit Mertajam MP Steven Sim.

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Elderly couple evicted by landlord

In a tweet written by Sim yesterday (June 25), he wrote that a man named Uncle Chu, his wife Ah Hua and his 35-year-old disabled daughter were informed out of the blue by their landlord that their tenancy would no longer be extended.

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This was a piece of devastating news for the elderly couple as they had stayed there for more than 70 years and Uncle Chu’s retirement savings had depleted completely.

Uncle has been living in that old house for over 70 years, making it emotionally challenging and financially burdensome to move. His retirement savings have also long dried up,” he wrote.

Although Sim suggested renovating and repairing the house with the condition that Uncle Chu and his family be allowed to stay, the landlord declined the offer, thus forcing the elderly couple to move out.

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Penang MP helps elderly couple find a new home

Sim, who is also Deputy Finance Minister II, wrote that he approached state Housing and Local Government Committee chairman Jagdeep Singh Deo and requested for a house for Uncle Chu’s family under the state government’s housing programme.

Once his request was granted, Sim employed the help of a woman named Kak Ina, whom he had previously helped to spruce up her delivery van, to help move Uncle Chu’s belongings, to which she gladly offered to do so for free.

“Kak Ina also informed me that her income is now over RM4,000 per month. It used to be a struggle for her to earn even RM800. Now she wants to help others,” he wrote.

Thanks to Sim’s generosity and aid, Uncle Chu is now able to have a place of his own without fear of getting kicked out again. The old man also expressed his thanks towards those who lent a hand and was very happy to have a home again.

Netizens praise Sim’s kindness

Sim’s tweet has since been viewed for more than 53,000 times at the time of writing and saw many netizens commending him for helping Uncle Chu out.

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Screenshot via Twitter/@scheekeong
Penang mp helps elderly couple find a new home after they were kicked out by landlord comment 2
Screenshot via Twitter/@scheekeong


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