PAS MP Denies Saying Menu Rahmah Causes Cancer, Claims She Was Misunderstood

"Don't twist my words".

According to PAS politician Dr. Halimah Ali, her comments about how the government’s Menu Rahmah programme causes “cancer, autoimmune illnesses, and autism, among other things,” were misinterpreted.

Not what she meant

The Kapar MP told reporters that the point she was trying to make was that eateries’ use of substandard basic ingredients for Menu Rahmah could affect the quality of the food.

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“We are saying to the government, if you are desperate, do not forsake nutrition. How do you provide good quality food at a low price?” she asked during the Parliament session held recently.

Dr. Halimah ali clarifies menu rahmah does not cause autism, claims her previous remarks were misunderstood
Image via YouTube/kangkungkingkong

She also voiced worry that people who can afford to purchase meals at ordinary prices would take advantage of Menu Rahmah.

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She questioned how the eatery would be able to check if the diner was actually one of the less fortunate, saying that the government should implement a system to keep track of this.

“The bigger issue is you are feeding the hungry, but also please make sure that the food provided is nutritious and not detrimental to one’s health,” she pleaded.

Previous words misunderstood

Dr. Halimah garnered criticism from the public yesterday for remarks she allegedly made during a parliamentary debate, in which she allegedly said that eating Menu Rahmah meals could result in a number of illnesses and health concerns because of the usage of inferior ingredients.

Dr. Halimah ali clarifies menu rahmah does not cause autism, claims her previous remarks were misunderstood
Photo via Selangorkini

Finance minister and prime minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim promised that addressing cost of living issues would be his top priority.

This occurred amid waning public confidence in his Cabinet picks after he chose a number of individuals from previous administrations who were criticised for bad economic management.


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