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Over 759,000 M’sians Visited Thailand So Far In 2024, 2nd Highest Among Other Countries 

Sawadikap Thailand.

Thailand welcomed 6 million visitors in the initial two months of 2024, generating a staggering income of approximately 290.92 billion baht (around RM38.6 billion).

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According to Thai media outlet The Nation, this surge is attributed to various favorable measures, including a visa exemption policy for Chinese tourists, which has shown immediate positive effects.

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Thailand visitors
For illustrative purposes only. Photo via Pexels

The latest tourism data released by Thailand’s Minister of Tourism and Sports reveals that from January 1 to February 25, 2024, Thailand saw a visitor count of 5,981,234.

Among these, Chinese tourists led the charge with over 1.11 million visits, particularly noticeable during the Chinese New Year period.

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Thailand street
For illustrative purposes only. Photo via Pexels

Malaysian visitors followed closely, recording a substantial figure of approximately 759,828, making them the second-largest group of tourists in Thailand.

During the week following the Chinese New Year holidays, from February 19 to 25, Thailand experienced an influx of 763,855 visitors.

On average, the daily visitor count reached 109,123, with Chinese nationals constituting the largest share at 126,375, and Malaysians at 118,223, securing the second position.

Thailand visitor data

Despite the high volume of tourists, numbers from China, Malaysia, and Russia saw a decrease.

The first two months of 2024 have thus far seen tourists from China leading with over 1.11 million visitors, followed by Malaysia with 759,828, Russia with 397,006, South Korea with 387,745, and India with 293,129.

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