M’sian Shocked To See Old Man Complain About RM4 Tinned Coffee But Drives A BMW

Stingy or being modest?
Some people practice a frugal lifestyle and would save every bit of money they have whenever possible. But, that level of frugality can sometimes cause one to be stingy and miserly.

A Malaysian man recently shared an incident of how he assumed an older man was unable to pay for several cans of tinned coffee, only to find out that he had the finances to do so.

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Complained about RM4 tinned coffee

In a post shared on May 4 by Ramlan Yusof on Facebook, he wrote that he went to a mart located at a Petronas petrol station, where he heard an elderly man grumble about the price of tinned coffee, which was priced at RM4.10 each.

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Nescafe rm4 tinned coffee at a mart at petronas
Photo via FB/Ramlan Yusof

“The pakcik asked a staff about why the coffee was so expensive, adding that he usually bought it for only RM2.60 per tin at the supermarket. The staff then told him that the product wasn’t on the controlled price list.

“As the pakcik continued to grumble, I offered to pay for the coffee as I felt sorry for him and thought he didn’t have the money to pay for it,” he wrote.

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‘He drives a BMW!’

Without hesitation, the older man accepted Ramlan’s offer and took three cans of tinned coffee, which were fully paid by Ramlan.

However, what Ramlan saw the next second nearly made his jaw drop to the ground.

Bmw m3 vehicle
For illustration purposes only. Photo via Wikipedia

When I walked out of the mart, I saw the pakcik filling RON97 into a BMW M3 vehicle which had two-digit plate number!

Needless to say, this made Ramlan rather upset as he felt like a fool by thinking that the older man wasn’t well off and called out the latter for being “calculative”.

Netizens slam pakcik’s stinginess

In the comment section, netizens were displeased by the pakcik’s action and condemned him for taking advantage of other people’s kindness for his own gain.

‘The pakcik has no manners. If it were me, I’ll only take 1 tin even if in my heart, I know I want to buy more than that.’

M'sian shocked to see old man complain about rm4 tinned coffee but drives a bmw comment 1
Screenshot via FB/Ramlan Yusof

A netizen sarcastically wrote: ‘This is the modern way of asking for alms.’

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M'sian shocked to see old man complain about rm4 tinned coffee but drives a bmw comment 2
Screenshot via FB/Ramlan Yusof

However, some gave the pakcik a benefit of the doubt, saying that he was probably driving a BMW that belonged to his boss.

M'sian shocked to see old man complain about rm4 tinned coffee but drives a bmw comment 3
Screenshot via FB/Ramlan Yusof

What do you think of the pakcik’s actions? Share with us in the comments!


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