Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang Breaks The Internet By Signing On A Woman’s Chest As Requested

He has a net worth of 100.7 billion USD.
NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang found himself at the center of a viral moment at COMPUTEX Taipei when he was asked by an enthusiastic female fan to sign her chest.

According to a image circulating on Facebook, NVIDIA CEO Jensen was attending COMPUTEX in Taipei, surrounded by fans eager for autographs when a particularly enthusiastic female fan made an unusual request.

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Signing on woman shirt
Image via FB/游庭皓的財經皓角 

“Are you sure?”

At first, the woman requested Jensen to sign her phone, followed by a more unconventional request to sign her chest.

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Jensen, appearing cautious, asked, “Are you sure?” to which the fan excitedly responded, “Yes!” .

Despite the awkwardness of the situation, Jensen obliged and carefully signed her chest, an act that was captured in photos and videos, quickly spreading across social media platforms.

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The woman shared the encounter on Instagram, describing it as an “adrenaline rush” and showcasing photos of her clothing.

Netizens’ reaction

Some netizens brought out the double standards faced by men in such situations, saying “This is too much,” , while another questioned, “Does this count as sexual harassment? Men have to be very careful in Taiwan…”

However, most of the netizens took the chance to make funny remark of the situation.

“Jensen might have to kneel on graphics cards when he gets home.”

Kneel on graphic card
Screenshot via FB/游庭皓的財經皓角 

“Jensen seems familiar with it, not his first time.”

Seems very familiar with this
Screenshot via FB/游庭皓的財經皓角 

“The power of 100Billion Net Worth.”

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Power of 3 billion
Screenshot via FB/游庭皓的財經皓角 

Watch the video here:

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