‘Not Worth It’ — M’sian Woman Shocked By RM17 Bill For Her Meal At Subang Eatery

The saga of restaurants and stalls charging ridiculously high prices for meals seems never-ending.

Recently, a Malaysian woman was taken aback when she received a whopping RM17 bill for a simple meal at an eatery in Subang.

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RM17 for a simple meal

Sharing it in a Facebook group, Subang Jaya and USJ Food Discovery, the OP posted a photo of the meal she had for lunch, detailing the items she picked.

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She mentioned having half a serving of rice, mustard greens, a handful of banana chips, and fish with vegetable gravy.

In the comment section, she stated that the RM17 was charged solely for the meal, excluding the price of the drink.

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Netizens were shocked

This post has captured the attention of netizens, who have been sharing various opinions about the steep price of the meal.

“That’s pricey for what’s shown in the picture.”

“How can this even be priced at 17?”

“Not worth it, very pricey.”

Another netizen, who apparently is one of the alleged restaurant’s customers, said he prefers to have breakfast only there because lunch is too pricey.

“I only come here for breakfast for their delicious thosai… I avoid lunch here because it’s very expensive.”

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Do you think the price given for this meal is reasonable? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.


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