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‘Not The First Time’ – Johor Restaurant Owner Calls Out Customer For Not Paying For His Drink

The customer argued he had already paid but refused to show the receipt.
Being a restaurant staff isn’t as easy as one might think, as they encounter various challenging situations on a daily basis.

As being said, a Malaysian restaurant owner found himself in the position of having to address a customer who failed to settle his bill for a drink.

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Customer didn’t settle his payment

The owner, Zern Teh, took to his Facebook account to shed light on the issue that happened in his restaurant in Johor yesterday (Feb 22). He also shared CCTV footage of the incident, providing visual evidence of what occurred.

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Through his post, Zern recounted how the customer initially ordered a drink at the counter before taking a seat at a table outside the restaurant.

Customer sitting at table outside a restaurant
Photo via FB/Zern Teh

After finishing his drink, the customer asked the waiter to add water to his cup. However, as he prepared to leave, it appeared that the customer had forgotten that he hadn’t settled the bill for the drink he had consumed at the restaurant.

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Speaking exclusively to WeirdKaya, Zern Teh explained that upon realising the customer had not made payment for his drink, the waiter promptly approached the customer’s car to request payment.

Customer arguing with the staff
Photo via FB/Zern Teh

Despite the waiter’s attempts, the customer continued to insist that he had already paid. However, when asked to produce the receipt, the customer provided various excuses before promptly closing the car window and leaving the premises.

Msian man opening his car door
Photo via FB/Zern Teh

When curiously asked about who covered the cost of the customer’s bill, Zern explained that they had resolved the matter internally.

This is not the first time

In the comment section, another restaurant owner shared that they had also encountered the same man, with the same issue of not paying his bill for his food.

“Not his first time already, he is a repeat offender. For 2 consecutive days, he’s been dine dashing for 3 meals a day. Every time when we requested him to pay, he claimed to have forgotten.” he revealed.

'not the first time' - johor restaurant owner calls out customer for not paying for his drink
Screenshot via FB/Zern Teh

Furthermore, during the interview, Zern also raised an important question: “Some people may sarcastically argue that it’s just a drink, but if many people behave in a similar manner, should the restaurant accommodate them?”

What are your thoughts on the matter raised by the owner? Share with us in the comment section.

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