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‘Children are very close to my heart but no free breakfast’ Netizens mock Sabri’s decision to suspend food programme

Kedekut much?

KUALA LUMPUR – Netizens have called Prime Minister Ismail Sabri out over his decision to suspend the free breakfast programme aimed in feeding students from poor families.

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This comes after Sabri tweeted a video of him celebrating World Children’s Day with his granddaughter at Parliament yesterday (Nov 17).

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Sabri tweet for world children's day

Today, I’m celebrating World Children’s Day with my granddaughter Jeanelle Nika Mandagie.

Children are very close to my heart because they are God’s precious gift to us,” the caption wrote.

On Tuesday (Nov 16), the Ministry of Education (MOE) announced that the free breakfast programme would be suspended, citing that existing food programmes were sufficient.

The programme was first introduced by former education minister Dr Maszlee Malik in 2019.  

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Former education minister introduces free food programme
Image via Facebook

Following the announcement, Maszlee expressed his disappointment, stating that the current additional food programme (RMT) only targets a handful of B40 students.

Maszlee's tweet on suspension of free breakfast programme

‘Maybe the kids are his grandchildren only’

Netizens were left fuming over Sabri’s video, which they saw as a glaring example of the government’s lack of commitment to spend money on pressing issues.

Netizens rage over sabri video
Screenshot via: Twitter

A netizen lamented over the irony of Sabri’s claim that he holds children in high regard while refusing to continue the free breakfast programme.

Netizens disappointed over the news
Screenshot via: Twitter

Another sarcastically remarked that Sabri was probably referring to his grandchildren as the kids who are close to his heart.

Sabri biased
Screenshot via: Twitter
Netizens calling out prime minister
Screenshot via: Twitter

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