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VIP applicants were given the fast track, ex-Mara sponsorship recipient alleges

"The lower income class were swept and dusted."

Earlier this week, Majlis Amanah Rakyat (Mara) proudly announced on Facebook that it had sponsored 215 students to study in the UK.

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It also boasted of the students heading towards the Heathrow, Manchester and Edinburgh Airport.

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However, it seems that the sponsorship program has a much darker side, as alleged on Twitter.

‘Sad truth’

Netizen @callmefye, who participated in Mara’s sponsorship program to Australia (2014/2015), claimed that most recipients were either children of VIPs or Mara staff.

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He further questioned the authenticity of these students’ application, claiming that they had misused their parents’ social status to get a free pass.

“Some of them had JPA scholarships, while others had parents working as diplomats. They were also proud to show off the tons of money given to them.

I was also dumbfounded to hear the staff speaking kindergarten-level English. How did they manage to land a job overseas?”

@callmefye also alleged that he was instructed to keep silent over the matter when he landed in Australia.

The unjust

In the comment section, another netizen said that she was part of the cohort sent to the UK and revealed that that not all came from the B40 group.

Vip applicants were given the fast track, ex-mara sponsorship recipient alleges | weirdkaya
Image via: Twitter/@naeriisa

The tweet has since gained 15.3k retweets and even got the attention of ex-Education Minister Maszlee Malik.

Another netizen expressed her frustration of having to go through endless interviews, only to discover that the spot had been booked for VIPs.

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Cover via: Facebook/Hi-Edu MARA and Twitter/callmefye

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