“No Boyfriend Till 2042” — M’sian Dad Makes Daughter Sign ‘Contract’ In Adorable TikTok Clip

Someone get her a lawyer!

Those who grew up in Asian families would know how protective parents can be when it comes to getting a boyfriend/girlfriend.

One father recently took to TikTok to share an adorable moment where he made his young daughter sign a ‘contract’ where she cannot have a boyfriend until 2042.

‘No boyfriend till 2042’

In the 30-second clip by @vikeymagic, it showed him presenting a white t-shirt to his daughter with the words “No boyfriend till 2042” emblazoned on it.

Screenshot via TikTok/@vikeymagic

He then pulls out a piece of paper, presumably a ‘contract’ to let his daughter sign as a promise to fulfil her end of the agreement, which she does so without hesitation.

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Screenshot via TikTok/@vikeymagic

After the signing, both father and daughter officially seal the ‘contract’ with a handshake and fist bump.

Screenshot via TikTok/@vikeymagic

Watch the video here:

@vikeymagic My Daughter had Sign up the Agreement till 2042. And Now The World is witnessing. #championsleague #manchesterunited #fatherdaughter #tiktokmalaysia ♬ UEFA Champions League Anthem – UEFA & Tony Britten

‘She needs a lawyer!’

The adorable clip has since garnered more than 1.4 million views, with netizens melting over the cute signing.

Screenshot via TikTok/@vikeymagic
Screenshot via TikTok/@vikeymagic

One netizen jokingly pointed out that the ‘contract’ should be signed when the girl turned 18, to which @vikeymagic said he would renew it when the time comes.

Screenshot via TikTok/@vikeymagic

Would you make your children sign such a ‘contract’ too? Let us know in the comments!


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