Newborn M’sian Baby Girl Found Abandoned At Chicken Shop With Umbilical Cord Attached

Fortunately, the child was found to be healthy.
Baby abandonment continues to be a huge issue in Malaysia, where innocent babies who were just brought into the world are left to fend on their own after being born.

A trader who ran a chicken shop in Terengganu was shocked to stumble upon a newborn baby girl lying on the ground with the umbilical cord still attached.

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Newborn m'sian baby girl found abandoned at chicken shop with umbilical cord attached
Photo via Kosmo

Newborn M’sian baby girl found abandoned at chicken shop

Speaking to Kosmo about the discovery, the trader named Mohd. Yusrizal Azlan said he found the baby weighing at 3.2kg at his shop in the Jabur Kubur area in Kemaman, Terengganu at 7.50am yesterday (July 6).

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“When I was about to unload chicken supplies from the truck, I noticed a strange object on the floor of my shop.

“To my surprise, I found that the object was actually a living baby with the umbilical cord still attached,” he told the Malay daily.

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Mohd. Yusrizal said the baby girl’s body was covered with ants and that she was shivering from the cold. He then contacted the authorities immediately to report the incident.

Police searching for suspects

Kemaman district police chief Superintendent Hanyan Ramlan later confirmed the incident, saying that the child was believed to have been born three to four days before she was found, reported NST.

The child was sent to the Kemaman Hospital for further examination, where she was found to be in a healthy condition.

Kemaman district police chief superintendent hanyan ramlan
Photo via Berita Harian

“We are currently looking for the suspects who abandoned the child and the case is now being investigated under Section 317 of the Penal Code for concealing a birth,” he said during a press conference at the Operations Control Center in Balai Polis Air Putih.

He added that police have contacted both public and private clinics in the district and called upon them to inform police if they encounter any patient who had recently given birth.

We hope the baby will grow up healthily and find a loving home soon!

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