New-born buried before unconscious mother wakes up

Rest in peace, littlte one

Sandakan: In an unfortunate turn of events, a new-born was infected with COVID-19 and succumbed to the virus.

Tasked with burying the remains of Covid-19 patients, Facebook page Adam Botak shared yet another tragic story.

Newborn covid-19 baby patient death
The newborn was buried before meeting his mother (Image via FB/Adam Botak)

“Never Seen

Yesterday (20 September), the page wrote a post titled “Never Seen” (Tak Nampak).

According to the author of the post, Ali Bin Abi Thalib, Adam Botak received 9 reported death in Sandakan and among one of them is a new-born.

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However, what’s even more saddening was how the mother was still unconscious and receiving treatment.

This means that the mother could only feel her child but never got the chance see the face of her own baby”

Newborn covid-19 baby patient death
(Image via FB/Adam Botak)
Newborn covid-19 baby patient death
The staff placed the little body carefully into the grave. (Image via FB/Abam Botak)

The author wrote that the workers have to dealt with the deceases every day, and have and have become accustomed to dealing with such cases.

But when death knocks on the door of their close ones, nothing can prepare them for the grief.

Covid-19 frontliner burial team
Burial team working on the site (Image via FB/Abam Botak)

Concluding the post, the author sends his condolences and prayers to the mother who lost her new-born and all the families who lost their loved ones.

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