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[VIDEO] Netizens blown away by Myvi dragging a lorry all on its own

Who needs tow trucks when you have Myvi?
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KUALA LUMPUR – Touted as the “King of Malaysian-made cars”, the Myvi never disappoints when it comes to displaying its incredible “superpowers”.

We’ve reported how much Malaysians adore the brand, to the extent where they would add its logo onto their cars regardless of its brand.

Besides, this car has also saved its owners from deadly accidents.

Return of the King

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The King has amazed us once again, this time dragging a lorry that’s much bigger and heavier along the road.

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The TikTok video, uploaded by @affendiderus, has since garnered 1.2M views, 125K likes, 4.2K comments and 12.8K shares at press time.

Nothing is [im]possible…MyV everything can!!”

Myvi everything can!
Photo via TikTok/ @affendiderus

Watch the video here:



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“Not a Myvi owner? Pathetic” (jokes)

Netizens found it unbelievable that a humble little car was able to drag a lorry all by itself.

Photo via TikTok/ @affendiderus

Some wondered how the car could do almost anything and everything.

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Photo via TikTok/ @affendiderus

Some joked that those who didn’t own a Myvi were “weaklings”.

Photo via TikTok/ @affendiderus

Others proclaimed it as the new “part-time towing service”.

Photo via TikTok/ @affendiderus

Looking forward to more amazing exploits by our beloved Myvi?

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Cover Image via TikTok/ @affendiderus

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