[VIDEO] Driver miraculously survives car-crushing accident which saw his Myvi reduced to rubble

The driver be thanking his lucky stars right now

KUALA LUMPUR – A series of dashcam footage showing an out-of-control lorry smashing into several cars has gone viral on the Internet.

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The incident, which took place at Jalan Ipoh, saw seven cars getting absolutely destroyed as they waited in front of a traffic light.

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According to The Rakyat Post, a yellow Myvi suffered the brunt of the impact, where it crumpled like paper when the lorry crashed into it.

[video] driver miraculously survives car-crushing accident which saw his myvi reduced to rubble | weirdkaya
Photo: Facebook

Luckily, the driver managed to crawl out of the Myvi with minor injuries, much to the relief of onlookers.

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Witnesses were also heard saying “nasib baik” (luckily) in the videos when they saw the driver largely unscathed despite the horrific crash.

Always keep your eyes on the road and stay safe!

Cover Images via Facebook and Twitter

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