‘Take her for a date on your motorbike’ Netizen mourns the death of her “Flashlight Grandfather” in emotional post

True love lasts for a lifetime.

PETALING JAYA – An elderly man who was dubbed the “Flashlight Grandfather” after he became famous for using a flashlight to see his deceased wife’s face clearly during her funeral two years ago passed away last Thursday (Mar 3) at the age of 96.

In an emotional Facebook post, Sophia Zhi Yee told her grandfather to leave the world in peace and reunite with his beloved wife.

For more than a year, you’ve been missing her everyday. You didn’t leave us; you just went to a better place to reunite with her.

You don’t have to count how many days it has been since she left us anymore. Go take her on a date with your motorbike!

Gone but not forgotten

Sophia also wrote of the fond memories she shared with her grandfather during her schooling years.

“I still remember how timid I was as a child and didn’t dare to go to school. In the end, you had to “study” alongside me for half a year.

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“When school was over, I’d become very excited as you would fetch me to the sundry shop with your motorbike to buy snacks and soft drinks.”

She also recalled how her grandfather would always ask whether she had enough cash to use even when she started working.

“Sometimes you’ll still ask me whether I had enough money on hand even though I already had a job. Despite being a thrifty person and a man of few words, you were never stingy to any of us and quietly cared for us.

Being your granddaughter is the best thing that ever happened to me, and I’d still want to be your granddaughter in the next life.

Our deepest condolences to Sophia and her family over her grandfather’s passing. We hope that she’ll come out stronger from it!

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Cover image via FB/Sophia Zhi Yee