National Football Player Faisal Halim Suffers Acid Attack In A Shopping Mall

The motive behind this attack remains unclear.
National football player Faisal Halim has recently become the victim of a horrifying assault.

Today (May 5), Faisal reportedly fell victim to an attack by an unidentified assailant, resulting in severe acid burns on his body.

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Faisla halim after acid attack
Photo via Harian Metro

According to Harian Metro, the football player was attacked by an unidentified individual at a go-karting facility in a popular shopping centre. The severity of Faisal Halim’s injuries resulting from the acid assault is yet to be disclosed.

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Also, the exact motive behind the attack remains unclear.

Another footballer falls victim to robbery

Prior to this, another football player, Akhyar Rashid, fell victim to an alleged robbery, where an individual reportedly stole his mobile phone and wallet in a recent incident.

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Akhyar rashid after a robbery attack
Photo via FMT

The incident is believed to have occurred at a condominium in Kuala Terengganu as the player was returning from dinner.

Around 9pm, as the player exited his car, he was reportedly assaulted with a weapon by unidentified suspects, causing injuries to his head and body. It’s understood that the suspects then fled the scene after taking the victim’s wallet and mobile phone.


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