M’sian Woman Terrified After Man Attacks Her Car With Helmet At Setapak


A distressing incident has come to light through a Facebook group where a Malaysian woman shared videos from her dashcam featuring a man attacking her car with a helmet.

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She shared that the assault occurred in the afternoon last Sunday (21 Apr) at the parking lot entrance of Danau Kota’s AEON BIG hypermarket in the Facebook group Setapak 文良港分享交流区

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In her captions, the woman recounted that she had finished shopping and was driving out of the open-air parking lot when a man suddenly approached her vehicle.

The man who came out of nowhere, wielding a helmet, started to violently hit the rear door on the left side of her car while shouting accusations at her.

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Another man was seen standing by his side but did not go forward to hit the woman’s car together.

Man with helmet at setapak aeon big
Screenshot via FB/ Setapak 文良港分享交流区

Terrified, the woman did not respond to the man’s outburst and quickly drove away after paying the parking fee.

Upon reaching home, she found significant damage to her vehicle, including a dented rear door.

Setapak car hit with helmet dented
Photo via FB/ Setapak 文良港分享交流区

The video evidence suggests that as she navigated towards the exit, the helmet-bearing man aggressively turned and walked toward her car, initiating the attack as she waited in line to pay for parking.

The attacker accused her of trying to crash into him, further escalating the frightening situation.

In her post, the victim expressed her shock and fear, stating that she felt extremely vulnerable, especially as a woman alone in such a scenario. She urged others, particularly women, to be vigilant in similar environments.

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The dashcam footage also showed two security guards present near the parking lot exit, who apparently did not intervene during the altercation.

This aspect of the incident has drawn criticism from netizens, questioning the effectiveness of the hypermarket’s security measures.

“The two security guards there for deco?”

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Security guard for deco?
Screenshot via FB/ Setapak 文良港分享交流区

Many netizens advised the victim to make a police report for the investigation to take place and avoid having more victims.

Report to police for investigation
Go report to pdrm
Make a police report
Screenshot via FB/ Setapak 文良港分享交流区

Some living near that area claimed that it’s not the man’s first time disturbing visitors there.

“This person is always there. Last time, he deliberately stood in front of my car door and wouldn’t move. I didn’t dare open my window or take photos, so I just kept honking until he left. He doesn’t just target people nearly hitting him; he specifically goes after women on their own! I don’t understand his motives.”

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Not the man with helmet's first time
Screenshot via FB/ Setapak 文良港分享交流区

Be careful when you’re on your own, people!

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