Nasi Kandar Shop In Bangsar Explodes, 45yo M’sian Man Suffers Burns To 80% Of Body

It happened before lunch peak hour.
A day that began like any other in Bangsar was abruptly shattered by an explosion, transforming a popular nasi kandar eatery into a scene of chaos and tragedy.

It was at precisely 11:44 am on Wednesday, March 6, when the tranquility of the neighborhood was pierced by the blast, prompting an urgent response from the city’s Fire and Rescue Department.

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Nasi kandar shop in bangsar explodes, 45yo m'sian man suffers burns to 80% of body | weirdkaya
Screenshot via X/@_kimmhazz

Led by the adept operations commander Wan Mohd Shahrir Azizi Wan Said, a highly skilled team comprising four fire engines, a water tanker, an emergency medical rescue services vehicle, and three rapid intervention motorcycles was swiftly deployed to the scene.

A total of 44 valiant personnel from the Pantai, Seputeh, Jalan Hang Tuah, and Sri Hartamas stations joined forces in a mission of urgency and compassion.

One man suffered 80% burns

The rescue team, upon their arrival, was confronted with a heart-wrenching sight: a 45-year-old man, a worker from the restaurant, enveloped in the aftermath of the explosion with burns covering 80% of his body.

In a desperate bid for his survival, he was hurriedly taken to Hospital Kuala Lumpur, a beacon of hope amidst the despair.

Remarkably, amidst the fury of the flames that ravaged over 70% of the kitchen, no other individuals were harmed.

The firefighters, faced with not only the fire but the added peril of a nearby electrical substation, demonstrated exemplary courage and determination to halt the spread of the fire.

Their efforts bore fruit, as by 12:40 pm, the flames were vanquished. Yet, as the smoke clears, the question of what sparked this disaster lingers, prompting an investigation into the origins of the fire and a somber reflection on the fragility of safety and life itself.


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