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‘He Doesn’t Wear Prison Clothes’ — M’sian Preacher Claims Najib Gets ‘Special Treatment’ In Prison

Shocking if true.
Ever since Najib Razak was sent to prison in Aug 2022 for his involvement in the 1MDB scandal, there have been speculations about his routine in jail, including claims that he has never stepped foot into the Kajang Prison.

A local preacher who was Najib’s inmate recently revealed startling revelations about how the former prime minister was given ‘special treatment’ while in prison.

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Preacher claims Najib gets ‘special treatment’ in prison

Speaking to Malaysiakini in an exclusive interview, preacher Wan Ji Wan Hussin dropped some interesting “tea” about how Najib is treated differently from other inmates in the Kajang Prison.

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Wan ji wan hussin speaks to malaysiakini
Screenshot via FB/Malaysiakini BM

First, he dismissed rumours about Najib not being sent to prison at all, saying that he did see Najib at the Kajang Prison.

“He’s there every day, except when he’s out for court proceedings.”

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However, Wan Ji’s next revelation proved to be a major bombshell, where he claimed that Najib wasn’t required to wear the orange jumpsuit that prisoners often don.

He (Najib) does not wear the prisoner garb. He wear ‘normal’ clothes like one would at home.

“It’s not that he’s clad in a suit (all the time). He just wear normal clothes, while I wore the prisoner garb throughout,” he said as quoted by the online news portal.

Najib razak
Photo via FB/Najib Razak

Wan Ji was released from prison on Mar 22 after serving a nine-month sentence starting on Sept 25 last year for posting a seditious comment about the Selangor sultan on Facebook in 2014.

MUDA demands explanation from Home Ministry

Following Wan Ji’s claims, political party MUDA demanded for an official explanation from the Home Ministry over the preacher’s allegations of Najib receiving ‘special treatment’.

“Are these claims true? If they are, is it because Najib comes from nobility and is a former prime minister. We hope the Home Ministry can clarify these claims,” it said in a statement.

The Prisons Department director-general Nordin Muhamad has since responded, where he denied Wan Ji’s claims.

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“All inmates are handled in accordance with the set rules and SOPs. This includes Najib, who is bound to the rules set under the Prisons Act 1955,” he said as reported by Sinar Harian.

In February, Najib received a reduced sentence, where he was only required to serve 6 years in jail and pay a RM50 million fine.

The decision proved to be an unpopular move, where it triggered an outcry from Malaysians.

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