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Muda Will Be Selling Otak-Otak To Raise Funds For Its State Election Campaign

Sneakers and personal assets will also be sold as part of the initiative.
With state elections expected to take place across six states in August, major political parties are gearing up to ensure that their campaign will net them key victories and the mandate to rule.

One of the parties who will be contesting in the state elections, Malaysian United Democratic Alliance (Muda), has announced a rather unorthodox method to raise funds for its campaign efforts — by selling otak-otak.

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Muda will be selling otak-otak to raise funds for its state election campaign
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Muda to raise funds by selling otak-otak

Speaking to reporters during a press conference at Muda’s headquarters, its president Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman said the party will launch its crowdfunding initiative this Friday (July 7) by selling otak-otak, which will be cooked and prepared by him.

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Calling the initiative the “Muda Hustle”, Syed Saddiq said the popular Johorean snack will be sold on various online platforms such as TikTok, Facebook and Twitter, as well as online marketplaces.

Muda will be selling otak-otak to raise funds for its state election campaign
Photo via Malaysiakini

“To ensure that this is not a ‘Syed Saddiq only’ initiative, the crowdfunding initiative will involve all Muda members, leaders as well as grassroots and the funds will be channelled into the Muda party account.

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“We will also ensure that the crowdfunding initiative does not involve big space rental or expensive equipment, it will be done on a small scale manner in order for us to focus on developing Malaysia and offer a party that will act as a check and balance to Putrajaya and the state governments,” he said as quoted by Malay Mail.

In addition to selling otak-otak, Syed Saddiq said several Muda leaders and members are also looking into selling sneakers or personal assets.

The Muar MP also expressed confidence that Muda will be able to fulfil its fundraising goals, citing the party’s previous success in raising RM3mil to help the underprivileged and carry out its daily operations.

Muda will be selling otak-otak to raise funds for its state election campaign
Photo via Utusan

“We are not a party that has control of the federal government or any state government, and with that, we need to be brave to look for funds without sacrificing the principles that brought us into politics.

“We want to prove that contesting in the state elections is not only for those who have money but for all Malaysians, from all backgrounds,” he said.

Six states, namely Selangor, Negri Sembilan, Penang, Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu are slated to hold its state election in August, where Muda is aiming to contest fewer than 10% of the seats.

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In January of last year, the party was accused of misusing funds to hold a ‘beer party’, a claim which was denied by Syed Saddiq:

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