M’sians Traffic Police Seen Holding Student’s Hand While Crossing Road, Melts Netizens’ Heart

His kind act has earned formal recognition from the police.
A traffic police officer was seen holding a young student’s hand while helping him cross a busy road in Petaling Jaya, earning widespread praise and recognition for his heartwarming gesture.

The kind-hearted officer, identified as Corporal Mohamad Isa Sanusi from the JBS Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Unit, has been lauded for his caring attitude.

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The Malaysian Royal Police (PDRM) shared a TikTok video posted by user hhafeyzi on their official Facebook page, commending the officer from the Johor Bahru South Police District (JBS).

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Police crossing road with student
Image via TikTok/@hhafeyzi

Dismount to help the child

The video captures Corporal Isa stopping his motorcycle upon noticing the young boy attempting to cross the road at a traffic light junction.

Demonstrating true public service, he promptly dismounted and assisted the child in crossing safely before returning to his duties.

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A car, temporarily blocked by the officer’s parked motorcycle, provided the perfect vantage point for a passenger to record the touching scene on their phone.

Police saying goodbye
Image via TikTok/@hhafeyzi

The video, labeled “Thank you, kind person,” has moved countless netizens since it was uploaded on social media.

This compassionate act not only received online acclaim but also earned formal recognition from the police.

Pdrm repost
Image via FB/Polis Diraja Malaysia ( Royal Malaysia Police )

Netizens’ reaction

Comments revealed that the incident took place near Kampung Bakar Batu in Johor Bahru.

Many praised the heroic act by the police officer, sending their blessings and thanks to the abang.

“Best wishes to the PDRM officer. May there be a reward for him.”

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Among the numerous praises, some netizens suggested that local authorities should consider building a pedestrian bridge in the area to enhance road safety for pedestrians.

Watch the video here:

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@hhafeyzi Terima Kasih Tuan.. 🫡 #pdrmmalaysia ♬ suara asli – wdntr99

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