‘Keep Your Money’- M’sian Policeman Praised For Refusing Bribe From Foreigner

In a world where integrity can sometimes feel like a rare commodity, one Malaysian police officer’s unyielding honesty has shone brightly.

Bribery, the act of offering or receiving something of value to influence official actions, is a persistent problem in many countries.

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It’s a concern that extends beyond local citizens, with foreigners now daring to test the boundaries.

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In the face of a brazen bribery attempt by a foreigner, this officer’s steadfast refusal and stern warning have captured the admiration of many.

Recently, a video went viral on social media platform X, showing a foreigner trying to slip some cash to a Malaysian police officer.

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In the video, the police officer is seen writing down details of the offense on a summons slip for the individual.

The foreigner then takes out some money and tries to hand it to the officer.

The officer sternly refused

However, the officer refuses and warns him that he will be arrested if he tries to offer money again.

“Keep it, if you give it, I will arrest you. Don’t try to give me money, okay? You can pay the summons at any police traffic office. I don’t need your money. Keep your money. Thank you,” the officer sternly told the foreigner.

The officer’s honesty was widely praised by netizens for not falling for the foreigner’s bribery attempt.

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Screenshot via X/ @update11111
'keep your money'- m'sian policeman praised for refusing bribe from foreigner | weirdkaya
Screenshot via X/ @update11111


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