M’sians Stranded Inside ETS After Electricity Gets Cut Off For 4 Hours 

No food, no electricity.
As Malaysia gets ready for Hari Raya, a time everyone looks forward to—leaving the city for kampung peace, enjoying rendang, and wearing matching baju raya, this group traveling by ETS from Kuala Lumpur to Butterworth found themselves stuck for four hours with no lights, no air-con, and no food or water.

A passenger on ETS EP 9176 KL- Butterworth took the incident to social media to share how the situation led to frustration and how things were handled.

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“The cause was a technical issue, the electricity supply was cut off, so the train was stranded on the tracks from 5:13pm.

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M’sians stranded inside ets after electricity gets cut off for 4 hours  | weirdkaya
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“It was hot and hungry. Wanted to pray, but there was no water. Wanted to go to the toilet, but the bowl was full. Wanted to charge the phone, but there was no electricity. The lights were only turned back on at 7:50 pm.”

Passengers helped each other

Despite the heat and discomfort, passengers showed kindness by sharing food and toys, and helping each other.

This showed a strong sense of community among those affected.

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At 9.44pm, a replacement train arrived and the passengers were transferred.

The passengers understand that technical issues are beyond control. However, the backup solution was too slow. It’s understood that this is the second time it has happened this year.

KTMB has said sorry, explaining that a cut electrical line caused the power outage in a statement.


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