M’sians Shocked To See Woman Hiring Domestic Helpers For Just RM800 A Month

Even kakaks earn better than this.
Malaysians are familiar with the usual salary range, averaging between RM1500 to RM1800. However, a recent job offer from a woman turned heads – she was only willing to pay RM800 for household chores.

Malaysians were left utterly stunned by a woman’s job offer seeking a domestic helper to work from 9am to 6pm, five days a week, all for the meager sum of RM800 per month.

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Woman looking for helper for RM800 salary

Woman vacuuming floor
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Taking to a Facebook group, 我来自甲洞(大马帮), a woman posted a status that quickly went viral, stirring reactions from netizens.

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Here is what she posted:

“Hello everyone, I’m looking for a domestic helper who can work from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, for a monthly salary of RM 800.”

She mentioned she’s seeking a maid available for 9-hour shifts across 5 days a week, with an offer of just RM800 per month.

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According to a source, the average salary for a housekeeper in Malaysia is close to RM2,000, which is significantly higher than what the woman has offered.

M’sian were too stunned to speak

This post instantly garnered the attention of netizens, with some left stunned and some questioning the woman for her reasoning behind the offer she made.

“Did she mention the salary wrongly?”

“From 9am to 6pm, RM800 a month, would you take it yourself?”

“The salary for foreign workers is all above RM1500. You only offer RM800??? Who would want to work?”

Another netizen sarcastically commented, offering her RM1000 and questioning whether she would be willing to work instead.

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“I give you RM1,000, come help me.”

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