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M’sians Say They Felt ‘Intense Heat’ Inside LRT At Pudu Station As Fire Rages Nearby

"I felt like I was in a scene from Final Destination"
Commuters in Kuala Lumpur had a harrowing experience as they felt the intense heat from a fire raging near Pudu Station yesterday (18 June).

According to social media posts, passengers on the LRT reported suddenly feeling extremely hot while passing through Pudu Station.

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One user shared that they initially thought the heat was due to a malfunction, only to look up and see flames engulfing buildings near the station.

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The netizen, shared on social media: “I really thought I was going to be burned. Just after passing Pudu Station at 8:10 PM, I felt extremely hot and saw a bright red glow. I looked up and saw a huge fire in the buildings opposite!”

“The fire was so intense that I could feel it even inside the LRT. I was scared it was getting closer. I thought I was going to be burned. Who would understand this fear?”

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M'sians say they felt ‘intense heat’ inside lrt at pudu station as fire rages nearby | weirdkaya
Screenshot via xiaohongshu

The comment thread included multiple reactions from other commuters who felt the heat and expressed their fear and disbelief.

M'sians say they felt ‘intense heat’ inside lrt at pudu station as fire rages nearby | weirdkaya
Photo via xiaohongshu/ joyce71888

7 squatter houses and 6 vehicles destroyed in Pudu fire

Last night, a massive fire broke out at Jalan Pudu, destroying six out of seven makeshift homes completely.

The fire also consumed three cars, three motorcycles, and the upper floor of a nearby two-storey shop house.

Senior Fire Officer, Assistant Fire Superintendent L. Logeswaran, confirmed that six makeshift homes were completely destroyed, with one house sustaining 40% damage.

The firefighting operation concluded at 1:43 AM, and fortunately, no casualties were reported.


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