“Food Is Not Good”- M’sians Roast Japanese Man For Criticizing Malaysia’s Food

Malaysians be like: "This is ridiculous!"

Malaysia is well-known for its delicious food, with most of us taking pride and agreeing that it’s one of the country’s best features. But one foreigner beg to differ.

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Japanese YouTuber and TikToker Soichiro’s latest street interview has caused a stir among Malaysians on social media.

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In a recent clip, Soichiro asked people on the street which country they hated, to which one man replied, “Malaysia.”

The reason behind it is “unacceptable”

The reason he gave for his answer was that he thought the food in Malaysia was “not good” after visiting the country once.

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While some people gave understandable answers, such as not wanting to visit cold locations like the South Pole, but this man’s response of ‘Malaysia’ triggered Malaysians because he claimed the country had ‘bad’ food.”

Screenshot via TikTok@soichirofromjapan

“What the FOOD you tried?”

Many Malaysians were surprised and offended by the comment, with one person questioning where the man had eaten.

Some Malaysians on social media poked fun at the man’s opinion, suggesting that he might have had durian or confused coconut milk with regular milk.

M'sians roast japanese man for criticizing malaysia's food

Even foreigners who have visited Malaysia defend its food as being delicious.

M'sians roast japanese man for criticizing malaysia's food
@soichirofromjapan Ask Japanese, “Which Country Do Japanese Hate?” #japanese #fyp ♬ そよ風 – SHISE

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