M’sians Impressed By Firefighter Who Spoke Fluent Hokkien In Clip With MP Steven Sim

Impressive bro.

Malaysia, a mosaic of cultures, prides itself on its multiracial harmony, where understanding another’s mother tongue is a gesture of deep respect and unity.

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One extraordinary story emerges from Bukit Mertajam, featuring an Indian firefighter whose mastery of Hokkien, a dialect even some Chinese Malaysians may not speak fluently.

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As the MP for Bukit Mertajam, Steven Sim recently embarked on a visit to the Johor voluntary fire brigade with a mission to support the team through a significant donation of RM50,000, intended for a new fire engine.

Amidst this act of generosity, he was pleasantly surprised to meet an Indian brigade member who conversed with him in Hokkien as if it were his second nature.

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This encounter was so impactful that Sim shared the moment on his Facebook page through a video featuring the firefighter, Kumar, whose gratitude for the fire engine fund was expressed with heartfelt sincerity in fluent Hokkien.

In the shared video, Kumar (left) engages with Steven Sim Chee Keong (right), shedding light on the voluntary fire brigade’s efforts in a dialect that resonates deeply within the local community.

Kumar, aged 46, elaborates on the brigade’s role in firefighting and flood assistance, emphasizing that his involvement is driven by passion rather than financial incentive.

He has devoted 7-8 years to the brigade, finding joy in the act of helping others—a sentiment he believes is reciprocal.

“It’s like how you, YB, feel joy seeing people help each other, right?”


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