M’sian Woman Fails Driving Test 13 Times, But Says She Has No Plans Of Giving Up

Never say never?
If you’re one looking to obtain a driver’s license after reaching the minimum age of 16 (motorcycle) or 17 (car), you will have to go through two rounds of testing; the first being a theoretical test and the second requiring you to be behind the wheel.

Whichever test it is, it’s no doubt that it can be a stressful and nervous experience for first-timers, especially for those who can’t pass it the first time.

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M’sian woman fails driving test 13 times

A netizen recently took to the social media platform Xiaohongshu (XHS) to share how she was unable to pass the first hurdle after a whopping 13 attempts.

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M'sian woman fails theoretical driving test 13 times
Photo via XHS

Under the theoretical test, candidates are required to answer a minimum of 42 out of 50 multiple-choice questions (MCQ) correctly in order to move on to the next round,

In the post, the woman said she only scored 30 marks on her first attempt, which prompted her to try again after an hour of revision.

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Alas, her second attempt turned out to be slightly worse, where she answered 28 out of 50 questions correctly.

M'sian woman's driving scores on her first 2 attempts
Photo via XHS

After my first attempt, I memorised everything fervently and took the test again with full confidence. However, when I saw the score, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

A month later, the woman revealed that she went on to fail the theoretical test for another 11 times, bringing the total number of failed attempts to 13.

Despite her repeated failures, the woman maintained a positive outlook and said she will continue to press on until she passed the test, even joking that she had become good friends with several Road Transport Department (JPJ) officers in the process.

Netizens offer sympathy & support

On social media, the woman’s plight resonated with many netizens, who shared how they had gone through a similar experience in the past.

‘That time when I took the test for the 7th time, the JPJ officers were so familiar with me that they actually invited me out to yumcha.’

M'sian woman fails driving test 13 times, but says she has no plans of giving up comment 1
Screenshot via FB

Another said that failing this many times was actually a good thing as it would cause one to remember how to be a careful driver on the road.

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M'sian woman fails driving test 13 times, but says she has no plans of giving up comment 2
Screenshot via FB

Some also offered support for the woman and cheered her on, saying that she will eventually pass the theoretical test.

M'sian woman fails driving test 13 times, but says she has no plans of giving up comment 3
Screenshot via FB

Would you give up or continue to try after failing 13 times? Let us know in the comments!


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