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M’sians Can Now Travel To Thailand Visa-Free For 60 Days

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Thailand has announced an extension of the visa-free period for Malaysians and visitors from 92 other countries to 60 days, in a bid to boost tourism.
Previously, only 30 days were allowed.

Malaysia is among the countries benefiting from the new 60-day visa-free policy, along with Vietnam, Indonesia, Brunei, and the Philippines.

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Malaysians can visit thailand visa-free for 60 days
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According to FMT, Government spokesman Chai Wacharonke highlighted that the cabinet approved several measures to stimulate tourism, including visa exemptions, expanding the visa-on-arrival list, and introducing new visa categories.

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Effective immediately, tourists from 93 countries can enjoy a 60-day visa-free stay, up from the previous 57 countries.

Additionally, the number of countries eligible for visa-on-arrival has increased from 19 to 31, he said.

For digital nomads seeking long-term stays and remote work, Thailand has extended visa validity from 60 days to five years, allowing each stay to last up to 180 days.

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Other measures include permitting foreign university students to stay for one year post-graduation and relaxing insurance requirements for long-term foreign retirees.

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