M’sian Woman’s Car Bursts Into Flames While Waiting At The Traffic Light In Bangi

Thankfully, she and her son managed to escape in time.
A mother and her son narrowly escaped a fiery death after the Perodua Viva they were in suddenly caught fire near a traffic light at the Bandar Seri Putra intersection yesterday (June 6).

While the duo were able to save their lives, the car was completely reduced to a smoldering heap in the 7.20am incident.

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Perodua viva destroyed by fire in bangi
Photo via China Press

M’sian woman’s car bursts into flames while waiting at the traffic light

Speaking to Harian Metro about the frightening incident, Syazwana Ahmad Sabri Parwira said the fire occurred when she was fetching her son to a religious school in Bandar Seri Putra.

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She added that when she stopped the car at the traffic light, her nose caught the scent of something burning but didn’t give much thought to it.

About a minute later, smoke started pouring out and I immediately turned off the engine. Shortly after, flames appeared, prompting me to quickly get my son out of the car.

Perodua viva catches fire in bangi
Photo via China Press

“It all happened so quickly that it left me shocked and panicked,” she said.

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Syazwana Ahmad said that she tried putting out the fire with a fire extinguisher which was lent to her by a passerby, but it proved to be futile and the car was totally destroyed when the fire brigade arrived.

Car of 3 years burnt to a crisp

Seeing the Perodua Viva which she had owned for merely three years proved to be too much for Syazwana Ahmad, who broke down in tears when she saw the destroyed vehicle.

“Honestly, my heart ached upon seeing the car burn. I cried. The car was bought to make daily tasks like taking and picking up my child from school easier.

Firefighters putting out burning car in bangi
Photo via China Press

“I don’t know what’s the cause for the fire as this is the first time this has happened. The fire department suspects it was due to an engine and wiring issue,” she said.

Nevertheless, Syazwana Ahmad is thankful that neither her nor her son was injured by the fire and has since filed a police report at the Bandar Seri Putra police station and the Kajang Traffic police station.


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