M’sian Woman Yells At & Pushes Female Driver After Her Car Was Blocked From Exiting

Setapak street drama.
Two Malaysian women were seen getting into an intense fight at a roadside parking area near a school in Setapak.

In the Setapak 文良港分享交流区 Facebook group, a user posted a set of videos of a heated argument between two people, all because of what seemed like a simple parking issue.

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“Is it necessary to fight just because the car can’t get out? Setapak aunty, I’m a little scared; please don’t hit me, okay?” the OP wrote in the post he shared. 

Believed to have happened in front of a school’s roadside parking area, the first video shows a woman in a red T-shirt confronting the driver of a white car.

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The woman in red, gestures for the driver to move her vehicle and even aggressively opens the door of the other car while yelling the driver.

As the white car attempts to make a move from that place, the situation escalates when the red-shirted woman strikes the other driver’s window multiple times and continues shouting.

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The tension reaches a new level when the person from the white car steps out, engaging in a verbal exchange with the red t-shirt woman.

Escalated to physical confrontation

The situation takes a physical turn as the woman in the red shirt aggressively pushes the other driver, who was simply walking towards her car.

This eventually leads to a physical altercation between them.

The sudden intense brawl prompts bystanders to step forward, attempting to intervene and separate the two women involved.

At the end of the video, another woman tries to calm down the person in the red shirt, making things a bit less tense.

However, the woman in the red shirt takes a moment to approach the person recording the incident, signaling them to stop capturing the confrontation.

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Following that, the whole incident ends with things feeling much calmer than when it was really intense.

While the videos provide a glimpse into the confrontation, the verbal details of the conversation remain unclear as both videos were muted.

WeirdKaya reached out to the OP for additional information, but there has been no response as of now. We will provide updates accordingly if there is any response from the OP.

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