M’sian Woman With RM400K Bank Balance Forges QR Code To Avoid Paying RM30 Meal

A police report has been made.
Malaysians now widely use cashless payments for almost every purchase, with many outlets and even night market vendors accepting QR payments.

Recently, a young Malaysian woman with a bank account balance exceeding RM400,000 allegedly created a fake transaction receipt to evade paying for a RM30 meal at a KL restaurant.

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The restaurant also shared photos showing that the forged payment record was 99% identical to a genuine transaction receipt, with the woman’s account showing a balance exceeding RM 400,000.

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Receipt with fake online transaction photo
Photo via ILifePost

According to ILifePost, the incident occurred at 2.12 pm on Wednesday (June 19) at the Cheras Traders Square in Kuala Lumpur.

A video shared by the restaurant online reveals the woman dining and then presenting a fabricated transaction slip at the time of payment.

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She pretended to scan the restaurant’s provided QR code, but in reality, she was using an app to generate a fake transaction record.

Within approximately 20 seconds, she informed the cashier that the payment was successful and hurriedly left after briefly showing the fraudulent receipt.

Woman leaving a restaurant
Photo via ILifePost

Upon closer inspection, the cashier found no record of the woman’s payment and immediately rushed outside to try and catch her.

However, the restaurant did not disclose whether the cashier managed to catch the woman.

The restaurant also reported the incident to the police and urged other businesses to stay vigilant against similar scams.

As cashless transactions become more common, it’s important for both consumers and businesses to stay alert and verify every transaction.

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