M’sian Seller Nearly Gets Tricked Into Accepting Fake RM50 Note Given By Customer 

The customer also refused to pay via QR code.

Life as a sidewalk seller can be tough. Your daily earnings are uncertain, and the weather can make things even harder. But there’s something even worse: fraudsters trying to trick you.

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Nurul Shima, a seller known for her budget-friendly side dishes, recently had a scary encounter and shared the incident in a social media platform, X.

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Nearly gets tricked into accepting fake RM50 note

A customer tried to pay with fake money, and Nurul almost fell for it.

Nasi bajet shima - rm3. 50
Photo via X/@NurulShima_3

She noticed something odd about the RM50 bills the customer gave her. They felt strange, much harder than real money.

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Fake rm50 note
The RM50 note that Shima received. Photo via X/@NurulShima_3

Her instincts kicked in when she noticed the peculiar texture and appearance of the money.

The moment I held those notes, I could tell something was off. They felt harder than genuine one,” Nurul Shima remarked.

Refused to pay via QR code

What made the situation even more dubious was the customer’s reluctance to complete the transaction through a QR code payment, a common method in today’s digital age.

“The customer had ordered two packs of food, totaling RM7. But what struck me as strange was how insistent he was on receiving the RM43 change in a hurry.”

Customers lining up at nasi bajet shima
Photo via X/@NurulShima_3

These strange behaviors left Nurul Shima convinced that the money she had received was counterfeit.

“When he got caught, I just gave him the meal for free. I don’t want to prolong the situation, I always say this; not to mistreat others, especially about food,” she added.

Nurul Shima urged fellow sellers to exercise caution and stay vigilant in similar situations.

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She admitted that, in the heat of the moment, she had returned the counterfeit money to the customer, partly due to the presence of other customers.

Fake rm100 note
Another example of counterfeit money. Photo via X/@seketullien

Detailing the fake money’s characteristics, Nurul Shima noted that it felt harder than genuine currency and lacked the intricate details, such as a shadow or a clear image of the first Portrait of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong when held up to light.

Despite her close encounter with counterfeit money, Nurul Shima acknowledged that detecting fake currency with the naked eye can be a daunting task.

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Reactions from netizens

The incident has received many reactions from netizens.

M'sian seller nearly gets tricked into accepting fake rm50 note given by customer - comment
Screenshot via X/@NurulShima_3

One individual commenting, “I bet he didn’t want the meal. He just wanted the balance.”

M'sian seller nearly gets tricked into accepting fake rm50 note given by customer - comment
Screenshot via X/@NurulShima_3

Another netizen shared a similar experience, saying, “Similar case in Kuantan recently. The meal only costs RM7 but they paid RM100. Pity the seller, lost RM93.”

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M'sian seller nearly gets tricked into accepting fake rm50 note given by customer - comment
Screenshot via X/@NurulShima_3

In response to Nurul Shima’s ordeal, some netizens offered valuable advice on how to detect counterfeit money and differentiate it from genuine currency:

  • Touch: feel the note’s surface whether it’s rough or smooth.
  • Flip – check for fine print (micro print).
  • Illuminate – use a UV lamp.
  • Inspect – gently inspect for special features like watermarks and holograms.

You can read the full post here:

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