M’sian Woman With 44 Grandkids And 15 Great-Grandkids Ties The Knot At 78yo

Love is in the air.
Love often has a mysterious way of connecting two souls together, no matter the tragic or heartbreaking moments that took place prior.

An elderly woman who never envisioned herself to be a wife for a second time found herself finding her soulmate after losing her husband more that four decades ago.

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M’sian woman with 44 grandkids and 15 great-grandkids remarries

The woman in question is 78-year-old Rohani Mohd Kassim, who is a proud mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother of eight children, 44 grandchildren, and 15 great grandchildren.

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M'sian woman with 44 grandkids and 15 great-grandkids, rohani kassim, poses for family photo
Photo via Harian Metro

Speaking to Harian Metro, Rohani said her husband died 42 years ago and never expected herself to marry again.

However, when she was introduced to her eventual husband, 77-year-old Yusof Embi, her heart began to open up to the prospect of spending her life with a partner.

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I have been a widow for 42 years and my children already have their own lives. Now God has opened my heart to accept a life partner again and I really want to find someone who can be an imam and a companion.

“After getting to know each other for a week, my husband proposed to me and I accepted it on the first day of Ramadan this year after obtaining my family’s blessing,” she said.

Rohani and her husband yusof embi
Photo via Astro Awani

Rohani added that she was very happy to see the wedding ceremony proceed smoothly and hopes to have her relationship with Yusof last until the end of time.

Love at first sight

Meanwhile, Yusof, who lost his wife back in 2021, told Harian Metro that he fell in love with Rohani when he first saw her.

“The first time I saw Rohani’s picture, I was already attracted to her, and we met at a restaurant; I felt very comfortable with her.

“Rohani is also well-mannered and her sense of humour makes me open my heart to marry her,” he said.

Rohani with yusof
Photo via Harian Metro

Congratulations to the couple on their marriage and we wish them a long, happy life ahead!


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