M’sian Woman Undergoes Kidney Dialysis After Drinking Slimming Coffee To Lose Weight

She quickly loses around 20kg just by drinking the coffee.
Many individuals are lured by the promise of quick weight loss solutions, often overlooking the potential long-term consequences.

Such is the case of a Malaysian woman who consumed a weight loss slimming coffee and successfully shed around 20 kilograms.

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However, she now grapples with severe health issues, requiring regular kidney dialysis—a consequence directly attributed to her prior consumption of the weight loss coffee.

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Woman drinking coffee
Photo for illustration purposes only. Photo via Canva.

M’sian suffers consequences from slimming product

Sharing the story on her X account (formerly Twitter), nutritionist Jazeera Julaili emphasized that the story was shared with the patient’s consent.

According to her post, the patient, now in her 30s, had been consistently consuming the weight loss coffee since 2022, resulting in a remarkable weight loss of around 10-20 kilograms.

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Woman showing result of losing weight
Photo for illustration purposes only. Photo via Canva.

Encouraged by these significant results, she continued to drink it until this year before she began experiencing some unusual health problems.

“Until 2024, she felt unwell and weak, with her health fluctuating. One day, she fainted and was immediately rushed to the Emergency Department,” explained the nutritionist.

Woman undergoing kidney dialysis
Photo for illustration purposes only. Photo via Canva.

Additionally, the nutritionist noted that as a result of consuming the weight loss products, the patient may now require regular kidney dialysis later in life.

Through her post, she also urged the public to avoid random trials of quick weight loss products, emphasizing the importance of seeking expert advice before considering them.

“I don’t want to blame anyone, the risk lies in your own hands. If you want to try, go ahead. But exercise caution beforehand. Seek expert advice.” she wrote in the post.

“Remember, everyone, sometimes the way we lose weight is right; it just takes time.” Jazeera said.

Additionally, the nutritionist extended an apology to slimming product founders, recognizing that they might not appreciate the public sharing of such stories.

Here is the full post:

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